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At our collective experience and values shape the trust we hold with each and every one of our clients. 

Our Values of Integrity, Passion & Excellence drive every part of our brand and strategy. These values also define who we are, true mortgage professionals, which allows us to provide a seamless experience to our clients and their families. We deliver and differentiate ourselves in our industry because we focus on building plans that are specific to every unique situation.  

We know that all banks and lenders are NOT created equal and it is therefore our mission to guide and help our clients to meet their personal and financial goals. We take pride in educating, advising and always delivering for you.  


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Luke Smyk - Co-Founder/Team Leader
Mortgage Agent - M21002559

With 20 plus years of experience in the mortgage industry, I understand how important this journey is for each and every client.  I have written mortgages, built lending products at banks and managed regional sales teams for multiple lenders. I will take the time to understand your needs and present you with the options that will simplify the overall process and take away any unnecessary effort on your part. 

As Co-Founder & Team Leader, I take tremendous pride in leading the growth of our mortgage agent team. Through our team diversity, experience and commitment we serve our clients to reach their ambitions. 

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Ayaz Signature.png
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Raj Singh - Co-Founder/Lead Mortgage Planner M13000758 

I have been helping clients and investors meet their goals for over 20 years.  During that time I have lead sales teams, managed key industry relationships and built trust and respect with all Lenders. My relentless focus on each and every client has led to well over a Billion dollars in funded mortgages and now the launch of EasyAsNow Mortgages.  

As your Lead Mortgage Planner, I will leverage my experience to help you better understand all of your options and manage your choices. As we always say, not every lender is built the same, and it's our job to match every client with their truely best fit! 

Ayaz Adatia- Mortgage Agent

As a seasoned professional in Mortgage Lending and Real-Estate Finance, I assist clients daily to attain their aspirations of Homeownership and Real-Estate Secured Lending. With over 10 years experience working with several of Canada’s leading banks, I know how to properly place loans with all lenders and pride myself on best-in-class customer service. 

With direct tenure supporting the Golden Horseshoe and GTA, I consistently achieve stellar results and outcomes for all my Clients, Partners, and Lenders alike.

Tara Lingam- Mortgage Agent

With over 15 years of my experience in building and managing several business, I understand the stress and time it takes to manage finances. As your mortgage professional I am confident that I will deliver solutions that best suit your needs.  


It’s my job to research the market for you and arrange the mortgage financing that fits your goals so that you save time, energy and money. Whatever your mortgage financing needs are, whether it is a purchase, renewal or refinance, I am here to help! 

Neesha Sandhar- Mortgage Agent

I have over ten years experience in the client facing roles where my goal has always been to provide the best solution to any problem. I focus on always making your experience memorable from start to finish. I will take the time to truly understand the goals for you and your family and then present you with options that will put your mind at ease. 

As a mortgage agent and with the collaboration of our mortgage team at our firm, we will collaborate and make a commitment to meet your needs. 

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Mandy Gill - Client Relationship Manager
Mortgage Agent - M18002261

As a Client Relationship Manager and an Agent myself, I manage the process between our firm and all of our preferred lenders. My goal is to ensure the timely execution of all transactions and seeing the closing of each mortgage to the end.  


I'm known to my clients for having extensive knowledge and an unmatched passion for closing deals.  With decades of experience in working at numerous lenders and brokerages, I am confident that my approach will serve you best! 

Mandy Gill Sig.png

Barbara Singh - Client Relationship Manager  Mortgage Agent - M16000512

With the industry knowledge and the first-class service I provide, I can confidently say that my clients are always impressed. Being with a brokerage as opposed just to working at a bank, has given me the opportunity to deal with diverse clientele, which in turn adds to my knowledge base and approach. 

I am here to help and very much committed to making this cumbersome process easy for you! I look forward to assisting you on your mortgage journey!

Barbara Singh Sig.png

Sean Dhaliwal - Client Relationship Manager  M20002869

I am responsible for directly managing the client experience and assist our mortgage agent team with all transactions. I am passionate about ensuring that every interaction with our team is world-class. I have direct experience in service hospitality, business management and inside and outside sales. 

I will work directly with you, our clients, to manage through what can often be a cumbersome process. Collectively, our entire team will ensure that we meet all of your needs and simplify the process of buying, refinance and renewing your mortgage. 

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